Garage Door Repair

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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair | John's Garage Door Services - Rockwall, TX

Is your garage door rusting away? Has it gone off its rails? Are the springs bad? Does it need a new lock, hinges, orremote? You need help from the experienced garage door repair professionals at John's Garage Door Services of Rockwall, TX. Weoffer the skills and the talent to perform any garage door repair job you may have.

• Doors—If your door sections are bent, broken, or do not ride the rails smoothly,we will repair them or replace them from our large inventory of replacement doors.

• Frames—A garage door is only as good as its frame. If your garage door has gone askew, contact our expert garage door repair team and have the problem straightened out.

• Locks—A garage door that does not lock is a burglary waiting to happen. It would be bad enough if it happened while you were away, but imagine what could happen if your family was home and someone entered through your garage door because the lock did not work. Call us for repair service sooner rather than later.

• Springs—Bad door springs are dangerous, and you should not try to repair them yourself. Contact us to have your springs repaired or replaced safely by a professional.

• Rails—If your rails are bent, you should not try to use your door because it could cause irreparable damage. Find reasonable and reliable garage door repair from John's Garage Door Services instead. You do not need to suffer with a garage door that squeaks, squeals, and groans every time you open and close it.If you are in or around the Rockwall, TX area, call us for our affordable and excellent garage door repair services and have your door restored to smooth, quiet operation.

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